Lip Gloss

  • Strong Moisturizer Provide Silky Feel

    Strong Moisturizer Provide Silky Feel

    Age range: Adult Brand : Hailida Surface craft type : Matte, Velvet Skin :Fair Product Form : Liquid About this product: It is extremely comfortable with a matte formula and a soft, creamy texture. Easy to slide, evenly cover into a liquid, dry to luxurious, velvety makeup, lasting for hours. This high-strength, colorful lipstick set comes in 10 different natural colors with a vibrant, matte finish.It combines unparalleled formula and ultra-comfort, carefully crafted and fully saturate...
  • Beautiful And Shiny Lip Glosses China Supplier

    Beautiful And Shiny Lip Glosses China Supplier

    Each one has it’s own personal color. All vegan, all natural products used in all glosses. Gloss completing the look of day to day living. A vegan lip gloss base, vegan glitters, natural flavoring as well as essential oils. Product description Diamond Shimmer Lip Gloss HAILIDA metallic pearl lip glaze is exquisite, elegant and light, allowing you to focus on charm and attraction. Suitable for makeup for all seasons, especially in Halloween parties and summer parties with friends. Vitamin E,...
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