How to choose a good shower gel?

Body wash is more popular because it bubbles more easily than soap, is easier to use, and has a longer-lasting fragrance, but many on the market are loaded with chemicals that destroy our skin’s natural sebum layer, leaving it tight, rough, dull, and even itchy.Therefore, if you want to protect your skin, you should choose a skin care shower gel. So what kind of shower gel is good?

1.Test pH
You can use the pH test paper to measure the pH of the shower gel first. If the pH value is between 5 and 6, it belongs to the weak acid shower gel. This shower gel can not only protect the skin but also easier to clean.Because the human skin is weak acid, pH value and bath close to the pores can be fully opened, and alkaline shower gel can only clean to the surface of the skin, which will take away the moisture on the surface of the skin, so it is better to use a similar pH and skin shower gel.The natural herbal health skin bath has a pH close to the human skin itself, and the formula is gentle enough to provide an antibacterial barrier.

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2.See the bubble
Good shower gel foam is not the more the better, too much foam is likely to add chemical foaming agent, but will harm the skin, good shower gel to see whether the foam is fine slippery even.

3.See the clarity
Can use a bottle of water, drip into the two drops to test the bath dew, cover were swinging, then placed the bottle to the flat, for 5 minutes after the clarity of the water, good shower gel foam under the water is clear, clear instructions TianRanXing good, if the water is cloudy dirty xi instructions contained more chemical composition, unfavorable to protect the skin of human body.

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4.Look at stimulating degree
Good body wash will be very gentle, no obvious irritation, even if you accidentally get the eyes will not have a stinging feeling, so it will be safer to use.Health Skin Bath Lotion contains a variety of natural herbal extracts — Pudil Blue Extract, Honeysuckle Extract, Borneol, Portulaca Extract, Parsnip Extract, Shea Bart Oil, Herbal Antibacterial, Skin Motivating and Antipruritic.It can not only effectively clean and care for skin, but also relieve dry skin, make skin soft and silky, effectively relieve skin dryness, redness, itching and folliculitis.

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