How to choose the right scented candle

1, The popularity of scented candles, mainly lies in its wax, wax wick and fragrance, these three points are the primary choice of scented candles.  

2. First of all, let’s talk about the wax itself. There is a big price difference between scented candles on the market, because the basic component wax, the better scented candles generally use plant wax, beeswax or mixed wax.  Soybean wax, palm wax, coconut wax and other plant wax are relatively harmless to human body, the price is affordable.  

3, the wax core is also very important, we often see the candle is made of cotton core material, when the smoke is bigger, the other is the wood core, burning when there is a crackling sound, if it is not good wood, there will be a smell, burning for a long time to drop black wood residue;  High-end scented candles have a carbon-free, lead-free wick that burns for a long time without the smoke and harmful gases.  

4. Finally, it is about the fragrance, not the more fragrant the better, but also the spice and modulation method. High-grade scented candles not only use expensive spices, but also have unique fragrance methods, as long as you choose your favorite fragrance  

5. High-grade scented candles will not have a strong fragrance once lit, but with the burning of the candle, the fragrance of the wax pool will be formed slowly from light to strong, which can be very lasting, and the fragrance will be very pure or layered;  Of course, it also has to do with room size and ventilation.  I hope you can choose the best scented candles. 

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Post time: Aug-14-2021
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