Interesting bath products

With the rapid development of web celebrity economy, e-commerce and social media, more and more new and interesting bath products emerge, including rainbow soap, PP soap, bath ball and other interesting bath products have attracted high attention and pursuit of consumers, becoming web celebrity hot style.Bath products such as rainbow soaps and exploding balls are new web celebrity favourites that combine looks and fun, and can quickly melt and create colourful bubbles just by putting them in water.According to data analysis, the growth rate of fun bath products is very fast, consumption accounts for more than 60%.
Extend body care to every detail

Clean taste, mite removal leaves fragrance, cure decompression
Contemporary, yue Oneself, love oneself, before the body is taken care of this, consumer is used bath dew only, everybody CARES about him more now, begin to buy the product such as body milk, hand film, sufficient film, scrub arenaceous cream, neck frost, from head to foot, from inside and outside, look for a product for oneself body.

And consumer, also exist a lot of body skin problem, be like horny accumulation, sensitive, dark and dull without light, mite bug is infected, back grows acnes to wait.”Sugar bath” the function that scrub arenaceous ball, aim at these problems to have the effect more just, reach cutin problem especially to mite bug, scrub cleanness is more meticulous.
In view of the use effect, consumers will choose. On the other hand, because of the fun of “sugar bath” scrub ball, it can not only be used as a gift, and the use of “sugar bath” scrub ball bath, it is more likely to become a way for consumers to cure and relieve pressure.

In recent years, rainbow soap, bath ball and other emerging bath products are popular on grass growing platforms such as Xiaohong book and Weibo, and the number of people who buy high appearance level and interesting bath products keeps increasing. Especially after 2000, what like show is not only things with high price, but more products that are compatible with appearance level and interest.

Post time: Dec-01-2020
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