The rapid growth of bath products

With the increasing consumer demand, the types of bath products have gradually changed from single body wash to body scrub, bath mousse, anti-mite soap, rainbow soap and so on.Moreover, more and more high-end bath brands are continuously entering e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, which has become the main channel for bath products consumption. Mata bath products accounted for 70% of the consumption in 2019.With the continuous growth of consumer demand for bath products, more and more beauty makeup brands have also begun to expand into the bath market. According to data analysis, the number of bath products increased rapidly in 2019, and the number of consumers who bought bath products increased by 57% year-on-year, which shows that bath products are becoming more and more diversified.

Among them, body scrub has become a hot bath market, the consumer demand for body scrub in bath products has increased rapidly, the market scale has been further expanded, the national brand half mu flower field has successfully entered the bath market because of its body scrub.Bath mousse has become a new product in the bath market due to its delicate foam and light and smooth texture. The consumption growth rate of bath mousse product in 2019 is 22 times that of the whole bath market and it has become the bath product with the fastest growth rate.

As consumers to the pursuit of beauty, puts forward more demand on the effect of bath products, from one single cleaning effect to the pursuit of multiple effect, and effect of sweet atmosphere, whitening, natural, chamfer, etc, according to data show that consumers the highest demand for natural type sweet atmosphere bath products, natural sweet atmosphere bath products market demand rapid growth, in the bath market share rising, while the flowers become consumer favorite type and accounts for 30% of consumption.

Take that, fragrant, consumers not only the pursuit of lasting whitening in consumer demand, especially the recent web celebrity add nicotinamide bath products has been the strong focus on consumers, on the other hand, in addition to mites, peels, peeling and other functional bath products also rapid growth, along with the increasingly strong pursuit of white tender skin, consumers are no longer satisfied with single bath effect, but the pursuit of the joining together of multiple effect.

Post time: Dec-01-2020
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