Wholesale 5 kinds scents and colors 3 in 1 Gem-Rock essential oil soap with high quality and beautiful looks in China supplier just for you

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The bath essential oil soap combination includes 5 pleasant scents: tea tree, orange, sea, rose and garden. Our Gem-rock soaps are made with natural ingredients to leave your face and body feeling clean, hydrating and luxurious.
Suitable for all skin types: skin repair, moisturizing, deep cleansing. Rich cream foam, strong moisturizing and nourishing skin, dreamy natural fragrance.
Contains natural skin-friendly ingredients, find the right scents for you and watch your skin change over time. Display in the bathroom, or use in the shower, face, and hands.
Each essential oil soap is crafted with a different pattern, making it unique and beautiful! Perfect to match your mood and personality, to provide you with the ultimate, indulgent home SPA suite.
3 in 1 Rock SOAP is available for use on the face, hands and body. Contains no parabens. No animal testing. Free of harmful chemicals.

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Try our new rock soap! These cleaning bars are very beautiful and infused with every color to keep your skin clean and smelling wonderful! Perfect for display or everyday use.
Pure natural essential oil soap.Relaxation aromatherapy makes you feel completely fresh.
Tea tree essential oil soap: Which is good for our health.It also has soothing and hypnotic effects that can relieve stress in our lives.
Rose Essential Oil Soap: Moisturize skin, remove skin wrinkles and dark spots, relieve the feeling of fatigue when taking a bath.Long term use makes skin white and natural. Rose fragrance can also relieve mood and depression.

Orange essential oil soap
It can regulate greasy and unclean skin, moisturizes and compacts the skin.Suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.

Sea essential oil soap
It protects against bacteria, viruses, molds, and promotes cell metabolism.At the same time, sea essential oils can regulate endocrine organs and promote hormone secretion.
Garden essential oil soap:
The scent of garden has the function of AIDS sleep, calms nerves and relaxes mood.Regulating greasy skin has a significant impact on skin care.

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